Safeguards International, Inc. is a full service electronic security and life safety systems consulting and design company.

Our specialty is designing comprehensive systems which address the specific, immediate and long term asset protection, loss prevention and risk management needs of commercial, industrial, institutional cultural and residential properties.


  provides risk and vulnerability assessments, crisis and emergency management procedures, information technology security, fire safety and evacuation planning.







Safeguards International, Inc. consulting specialists identify problems, propose solutions and implement actions to resolve the critical issues of:

  1. Bullet Life Safety

  2. Bullet Protection of property, assets, personnel

  3. Bullet Risk and threat assessments

  4. Bullet Emergency Planning

  5. Bullet Business continuity

  6. Bullet Disaster recovery

  7. Bullet Complete information technology risk management and recovery.




"Safeguards International, Inc.'s mission is a commitment to excellence.  We are dedicated to providing the best solutions for our clients utilizing our combination of knowledge, integrity, experience and success."

                                                                   ~ Allan Schwartz

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